When the reality of #Selfisolation hits

24th March, 2020

A week ago, we were laughing that self-isolation sounded like a wonderful thing and how lovely it would be to have time on our hands, even fantasising about what we’d do with it!

Until it happened.

The Husband and I didn’t speak, as we watched the recording of the Prime Minister’s 5 pm announcement of the next measures over our dinner. I can only describe the feeling of what I imagined it to have been like during wartime with families gathered around their wireless’ to hear the King’s speeches. The only difference was that we were gathered around my MacBook! It was completely surreal.

Even with a poorly 4-year old (who had given us quite a scare 4 days earlier), it didn’t really sink in until almost a week in when on Mother’s Day, I realised I couldn’t give my Mum and Dad, or mother-in-law, a hug for the foreseeable future. The doorstep-drops of cards to each of them pushed me over the edge and I left in tears as the reality of the situation really hit home. For my business that I have spent 4 years building, for the children who are not going to have the stability and enjoyment of school and their friends for an extended period of time (not to mention the Husband and I homeschooling them!), for our new puppy who we’re going to struggle to socialise, for my parents who can’t hug their grandchildren (my sisters and I are way down the pecking order since the grandkids arrived!), and the sadness as our town/city/world as we know it grinds to a halt, amongst so many other feelings that are far too extensive to list here. My armour had been breached.

I am already mourning my usual daily routine of getting up, working out, taking the kids to school, working in an office and I am struggling to adapt to a new one of not having a schedule to get up to, lack of structure and little productivity. Our new normal is less than fulfilling. Our days out, holiday plans for this year, social events, all have been cancelled. But I am grateful that we are all currently healthy. Long may that continue.

Ever the optimist and always trying to see the glass half full (or certainly that it needs refilling), I have tried to refocus my mind into being productive. I have been wanting to put some effort into this blog for 4 years. Every time, my business, as it should, has taken priority. But if ever there was a good time to really focus on those things in my life that I could never before find the time for, it’s now (right now I’m singing Moloko’s ‘The time is now’ to myself!). The immediate future holds a great deal of uncertainty. Our, mine and the Husband’s, businesses will be put to the ultimate test. The resilience of entrepreneurs is incredible. We will be proactive; we will be creative, and we will pull through stronger than ever.

And as for me, in between blogging, home-schooling, working and working through that “thing’s I never get done because I don’t have time” list, you’ll find me in the kitchen, my refuge, busting out family-friendly, (mostly) healthy recipes that you can pull together even when it’s all going tits-up around you. You’ll find the first here.

Thanks for reading a sharing in my meltdown. I’ll look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months. Happy self-isolating and social distancing. #togetherwearestronger


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