The ParentMail of Doom…

21st October, 2020

Today marks the first day of our second official lockdown. But not as we know it. Our youngest’s year group was locked down last night following a positive test for COVID-19 within the year group.

Within 30 seconds of the first ParentMail (what did we ever do before ParentMail?!!?) arriving my phone started pinging… “Have you seen the ParentMail?”.

Then a second ParentMail arrives. Followed swiftly by a series of new pings on the Whatsapp message groups (and Whatsapp? What did we ever do before Whatsapp?!?)….. “Did you get two emails?”.

The arrival of the school’s email is followed by fear of what’s to come. A second lockdown, a continuous cough, a high temperature (not necessarily in that order!) interspersed with the insensitivities yet realities of “Oh my God, how am I going to manage juggling my workload and home schooling?!?” and “That f***s up my half term plans!”.

On the upside, with a helpfully scheduled inset day, we only have 3 days of juggling home learning! Every cloud…

Like most of us this year, I have not had the luxury of a holiday. Which I have missed terribly. I have found and am still finding the lack of rest a very real struggle (ask The Husband, he would definitely say this has made me nigh on impossible to live with!). So, instead, I had planned a week off work for half term. By a week off work, I actually mean I was NOT-GOING-TO-WORK-FOR-A-WEEK! Not my usual, ‘I’m on holiday but I’ll work every morning’. Or my, ‘You drive Babe, I’ll work on the way’. Nor even, ‘I’ll work after dinner ‘til 11pm’. A blissful (I think!) work-free-week filled with activities with the kids awaited me.

Instead, I’m faced with a ‘locked-down’ 4-year old and an ‘allowed out’ 5-year old. I would generally regard myself as relatively bright, but I haven’t yet figured out how that might work itself out in practise (answers in comments below welcome!).

As it currently stands, based on my limited maths skills and reasonably extensive parenting experience, and based on not being brave (or stupid) enough to suggest leaving the 4-year old at home (with his Daddy, obvs) whilst I take the 5-year old out, I’m looking at a week of staying home and not much else. Perhaps another cloud with a shimmery lining….

One (very good) friend suggested I could spend the week drinking happy bubbles from 10am everyday offering that the alternative would be rocking in a corner! Perhaps I’ll do a mixture of both. Whatever happens, with inordinate amounts of patience (which is not one of my virtues), a bucketload of positivity, a sprinkling of rain and a dusting of work, we will make it work and of course, survive another locked down break. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a half term to remember!

So, here’s to looking forward to busting out endless loungewear, Disney+ and drinking happy bubbles at 10am. Cheers!

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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