Surviving Easter with chocolate and Luton Hoo Spa

30th April, 2019

I survived Easter, just. It wasn’t without indulging, sorry allow me to rephrase that, over-indulging in multiple treats “because it’s Easter” and copious amounts of alcohol (most days, not just “because it’s Easter”!). Every year I swear I won’t let the kids have so much chocolate, because something in the chocolate turns them into wanton, entitled little brats that then demand it every second of every day until I finally run out of patience (which BTW is not one of my virtues) and I chuck all the chocolate into a dessert and use it for a dinner party to which the kids are not invited! Or is that just my kids?? I feel like I should issue a warning before admitting to such a shocking mother truth! From here on in I will do so with none less than a **BAD MOTHER ALERT**!

So here goes, **BAD MOTHER ALERT** I was thrilled when they went back to school last week! Am I on my own here or is these the sentiments of the average mother to toddlers, perhaps children of all ages?!?! This year, we ventured out for a little staycation to Devon for 5 days (read more about that on next week’s post). It was a nice way to break up the Easter holidays, for us, more than the kids, who were unusually difficult over the two weeks they weren’t at school! Out of control doesn’t come close. Numerous close shaves with abandoning them, often. They shouted, they screamed, the Husband and I wondered, frequently where we have gone wrong. The question remains unanswered. Small mercies, they’re back at school and we are in the comfort of our offices for a few sacred hours a day.

Tomorrow’s May. We’re almost half way through another year. I don’t know about you, but I find January and February a bit of a drag. March is okay until you get to Easter and then wham! Before I know it, I’m preparing for our summer holiday and then we’re back and I’m preparing for Christmas. The year definitely gathers momentum as it goes along!

Over the course of the last 7 months I have been dealing with my attachment issues. Yes, you read right! The kids couldn’t care a less whether I am here or not, but me, despite their devilish tendencies I love being with them. Gone are my views that I would ditch them on a full-time nanny immediately post-partum and here I am trying to spend as much time as I can with them. Devilish tendencies or otherwise (they do have moments that make all the bad stuff disappear!), I have found that there are coping mechanisms to being Mumma (that’s what they call me!). I first addressed these attachment issues on a trip to Dubai with the girls a few months ago (more on that another time). So, this Easter, I prepared for the onslaught by **BAD MOTHER ALERT** ditching them on the Husband and disappearing with one of my besties to a health spa for the night. None less than the Luton Hoo Health Spa Click here for Luton Hoo Spa Website. It’s not a cheap night away at £205 per person but this includes a 55-minute treatment (I had an anti-ageing facial, I already need another!) with their Espa products, a three-course dinner in their Brasserie, a beautiful suite which we shared, breakfast and use of the spa and leisure facilities. And we loved every minute of it! It’s liberating having to only pick up your overnight bag, be able to pack your high heels for dinner (because you haven’t got to run after your errant children!) and actually have a conversation with your mate without numerous interruptions. I highly recommend it and we will definitely go back again. With all the trimmings, slippers, flip-flops, robes as well as beautiful surroundings, plenty of Prosecco (we did also pack a couple of bottles, as you do!) it was every bit the relaxing spa break.

The oh-so-exciting slippers! What girl doesn’t love a pair of spa slippers!

No Spa is complete without the obligatory robe (to match our slippers!)!

Proof that they serve “happy bubbles”!

Our beautiful suite – we even had our very own patio!

The only question that remains is when are we going back!?!?

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