Super School Mum (er…not!)

24th September, 2019

Three weeks back from the summer holiday and it’s week 3 of back to school. After a slow start (2 weeks of transitioning) they’re thrown in at the deep end of full days. As am I. It’s a shock to the system.

I had a rose-tinted expectation of what starting school would look like; I would only work for a couple of hours in the morning during September so I could transition them myself; I would do the school runs; I would deal calmly with two tired and emotional toddlers at the end of each tiring day because I would not be tired having only worked a couple of hours each morning, blah blah, blah.

Chuck in a huge new client, a husband travelling on business, a growing business, travelling into the City two days a week (you get the idea) and wham! My plans have gone to pot! I’m working 10-hour days, the kids are at the childminders more than at home and when they are at home, I’m at work and switching seamlessly from #businessmum to #supermum is far harder than I thought. I’m feeling #stressed more than I’m feeling #blessed!

So, here’s what I’ve learnt in my 2 short years as a school mum:

  1. Despite how cliche and bloody irritating the “enjoy the time you have with them, it goes so quickly” advice is, it really is true. I genuinely feel like it’s the end of an era! Whilst I’ve never wished this time away, it really has flown.
  2. Best laid plans and all that. Those 3 weeks off of work to transition them into school; when you’re running a business, accept that’s not going to happen or that it might not quite go to plan. You’ll be far less disappointed when it doesn’t!
  3. Expect monumental, melodramatic, meltdowns on most evenings which can be triggered by something as simple as mummy’s hair on his hand! Remove the hair, take a deep breath and try not to lose your s**t (or is it just me?!). In my house one meltdown causes a domino effect and the other one joins in. Sometimes I might throw caution to the wind and do the same!
  4. Working 9.15pm to 2.45pm is not a full day’s work and your net time gain is minimal! Don’t delude yourself and set unrealistic expectations of what you can achieve (see point 2 above!).
  5. Take and post as many photos of your little people as you want. Ignore the back-to-school-photo-haters!
  6. This only lasts until Christmas when it all settles down!
  7. When all else fails, join your tiny humans in the meltdown and all cry together! (This often has the added benefit that when you cry, they stop, shocked and horrified at your behaviour!)

Happy September people, bring on Christmas!

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

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