Lockdown Lowdown – Week 7

5th May, 2020


I can hardly believe it’s been 7 weeks since we’ve been locked down at home. All of us, puppy included, confined to our own space. Thank goodness we have space! We’ve never felt more fortunate.

Things I’m learning as I go:

  1. My ‘to do’ list will never be non-existent (and nor will the Husband’s).

7 weeks in, we are rocking and rolling on the jobs front. When there was some tattle on the news that lockdown might be lifted a couple of weeks ago, the Husband and I were in despair, we hadn’t done enough! Aside from our day jobs, which are still proving challenging, we are tackling all of those ‘we never have time to do tasks’; planting the kitchen garden (yes, I had the boxes built about, oooh, 7 years ago!). We’ve cleared and organised the shed, created a newly sleeper-ed and beautifully barked area around some trees and the Husband has built a concrete base for my new mini bistro patio in my kitchen garden. Plan is I have somewhere for my wine and I to hide in a little ray of sunshine as required. Either way, as we complete one task, another 3 are added to the list. We will never be bored!

Watch out for the new storage shed (we’re sick of looking at the kids’ garden toys strewn across the garden!) and the arrival of an eagerly anticipated skip. Oh, how cathartic it’s been to dispense with a load of stuff!

Learning: time is not an excuse for not doing things, prioritising is!

  1. Home learning is more than just following a curriculum

I’ve suffered some serious stress over this over the last few weeks. As a (reasonably) intellectual individual I truly expected teaching the kids to be easy. After losing my sh*t for the umpteenth time over my futile attempts to get the 5-year old to read his book one day, the Husband wisely took the offending book away from me (not the 5-year old!) and I took some sage advice from a teacher friend who said this: we cannot recreate a school environment at home, the kids will pick it up no problem when they are back in a normal learning environment. Do what you have to do and don’t worry about homeschooling at all.  She also pointed out that my biggest mistake was not drinking mid-week (I always knew I liked her!).

Having done so, I’m much more relaxed and so are the kids which just makes life, well, easier, for everyone (even the dog, who finds constant shouting very upsetting!). We are focussed on learning through experience; cooking, washing, tidying up, hygiene, playing whilst Mummy is working (I’ll have them negotiating contracts in no time!).

Learning: Familiarity definitely breeds contempt.

  1. I love food!

I’ve always loved cooking. But now, more than ever. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to eat same thing week in, week out. Planning my menu’s is one of my favourite tasks but now more than ever. It’s my new obsession. With all of us being home 24/7, coming up with inspiring, delicious and different meals is without doubt, my favourite pastime! Check out my ‘no to boring lunch’ recipes on my Instagram page and here on the blog.

I’ve had a few corkers this week, but one of my hands-down favourites which I baked to scratch our sweet tooth in between shed-clearing on Sunday was my Mascarpone and Blackcurrant Cheesecake. Check out the recipe here.

Learning: The kitchen is, and always will be, the heart of the home and good food feeds the soul.

I’d love to hear how you’re passing the time in lockdown. Post a comment below and perhaps we’ll all share our learnings and our laughter

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