Lockdown Lowdown – Week 5

23rd April, 2020

As of today, we are in our fifth week of lockdown in the High Heels household and it’s not all been plain sailing.

Between juggling running a business and home-schooling, which I’m failing miserably at, it’s a constant negotiation to get the kids to do anything and my shifts in the kitchen are never-ending. As for the tidying up, seriously, I can’t believe how much mess four human beings make, and my bathrooms are permanently disgusting with the kids at home 24/7. I’ve removed my gels and am giving my natural nails and well-earned break, my toenails are polish-less, my beloved eyelash extensions are all gone (for the first time in 11-years!) and I feel like sh*t, but thank goodness for Amazon delivering my hair colour, otherwise we really would be in dire straits! I barely recognise myself.

I am a creature of routine, so to that end, and for my health and wellbeing, I get up every day at the same time. 6 am. I do a workout, get myself ready and whether I’m headed to my office (in the garden) or not, my routine is as if it were a normal working day.

Some days I slap on my full face and others I go commando (facially speaking). For the first few days I enjoyed bumming around in a tracksuit (I barely remembered owning one!), but now I’m back to dressing nicely (this is a relative term judged only by my own standards, please don’t take offence). Today I even washed my hair and invented a reason (going to Asda!) to put a blazer on just by way of cheering myself up!

Some days, I’m not ready for the lockdown to end. I have a long list of “things to do in lockdown” and I’m not nearly through it. Some days, I’m thinking ‘just get me the hell outta here’ and others I’m just plain miserable. Today is definitely a plain miserable day. I can’t put my finger on why. I just am. Plain miserable.

But as I sit here writing this, gazing out to my garden which I feel very fortunate to have (picture included here, including the washing line, as it wouldn’t truly depict my view, or life, otherwise), I wonder why I’m feeling these feelings that I can’t either justify or rationalise. And I think that whilst mourning my lovely lash extension and wallowing in my own misery, I’m loving a few things along the way:

  1. Amazon Prime – OMG I could not live without you.
  2. Using so many cosmetics I hadn’t yet had time to try. My favourite lockdown ‘go to’ so far is Kandi Cosmetics Pre Glow Up Mist. Perfect to spritz on over some Apicia Creme Blush for a nude but not naked look!
  3. Being able to plan my cooking, spend time in the kitchen experimenting and enjoying eating together) Things I’ve been cooking this week include; Skinny Chicken Caesar, Lorenzo’s Steak Diane, and our Date Night Dinner Pollo Funghi e Crema and Pollo alla Senape (from the menu at our favourite local Italian restaurant).
  4. Stopping tearing around like a lunatic and just….being.
  5. Despite the difficulties, being with the kids. The 5-year old is so my son, last week I recognised just how annoying I must be to live with! The Husband just laughed. A lot.
  6. Getting out in nature and enjoying the simple things in life.
  7. Being more connected with family and friends than ever before.
  8. Our puppy.

I’d love to hear how living life at a social distance is going for you. It won’t be like this forever. I keep telling myself that when we come out the other end, we’ll be all the better for it.

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