2nd November, 2018

Christmas is a long distant memory, mothers’ day has past and we’re still enjoying the long-awaited (having arrived a couple of weeks’ later than last year) long weekend that is the Easter break.

Backed onto a week with stepson number 2, we’ve (that is stepson number 2, the babies and I, Mr. High Heels’ would rather work than contend with the rest of the school-going world) enjoyed a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast (loved it!) a trip to London to the Shrek Adventure (was a little disappointing) and a trip to Costco (which stepson number 2 loved so much he’s already planning how he can join!). This coupled with some time chilling out at home, cooking, clearing and generally feeling the joviality that Spring, and brief spells of sunshine bring.

Of course, there is the mandatory High Heels’ household holiday entertaining that, much to the Husband’s dismay, I can’t resist most weekends, but especially not on a long-weekend. Inspired by my good old companions, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home magazines, I didn’t need much convincing to jump on the Easter bandwagon, but it was a first for me. I even went all out for the Easter egg hunt for the babies, which I think I enjoyed as much as they did (yes, times change drastically!).

Whilst I don’t need an excuse to entertain, the big question this year has been, is Easter the new Christmas? So, is it?

Family gatherings, roast lamb, abundant food, the shops jam-packed with Easter decorations and let’s not forget the ridiculous gifts that it would seem people are now buying. Being a sucker for an excuse for a celebration, I’m bought in.

Although, being honest, I’m not bought into the gifts which I think is a little OTT so I’ll be stopping at Easter eggs. But my mother-in-law has given us cards at Easter for many years and made the most beautifully thought out gifts for each of the children. For the little ones, these often comprise small Easter-inspired tins with miniature eggs in, which entertain them for hours.

The Family dinner invitations, the over-eating, copious amounts of alcohol (for the adults, obvs) chocolate on tap….it smacks a lot of Christmas! There is something about a spring-celebration that gives you that nice warm, fuzzy feeling. So why not? This year I dipped my toe in the Easter festivities, now I’m already planning next year when I’ll be breaking out the bunting and the bunny ears (ahem, for the kids of course!), and letting my inner Ideal Home-ness run wild.

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