Dining in, the new dining out!

11th April, 2020

It’s almost four weeks that we’ve been in lockdown. Every day feels like Groundhog Day! It’s the most bizarre Easter weekend we’ve ever experienced and yet the Husband and I were still looking forward to four days without our emails pinging and the phone ringing.

My new slippers are almost worn out (already) from over-use, tempers are frayed, patience is wearing thin (if it even still exists) and food is the only things we have to look forward to.

But we will not be defeated. To entertain ourselves in the High Heels household, we will do what we do best; eat!

At the Husband’s suggestion (he is the “Ideas Man” after all – his name for himself, although he suffers severely with lack of execution – this, of course, will be the only post he ever reads!) we will be recreating all of our favourite meals from our favourite restaurants. Granted, the 4 and 5 -year old have reasonably limited memories of what they have eaten but we will be calling upon the ideas of Stepchildren numbers 1 and 2 for ideas too over FaceTime (it’s like the ultimate tease, I’ve cooked your favourite meal darling, but you can’t have it – there goes another attempt at being the wicked stepmother! ).

Here’s our list so far:

The Gigging Squid – @gigglingsquid

The Bull Inn – Bisham @thebullinnbisham

Maurizio’s Rickmansworth – @mauriziosrestaurant

The Good Earth – @thegoodearth

TGI Friday’s – @tgifridays

The Cheesecake Factory – @thecheesecakefactory

We’ll be dressing up and going ‘in’ as if we were going out. Not least because I can’t bear the sight of make-up free self any longer (more on this in other posts!).

We’ll be posting the results in our recipe section and on Instagram. Happy cooking!

This will keep us going for a few days, please send your ideas in the comments.

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