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Welcome to my blog. I’m Erika. Former shoe-buying IT Business Manager and now Corporate and Commercial Lawyer. Wife to Tim, affectionately known as The Husband and/or Mr High Heels,  accidental step-mum to two lovely (most of the time) boys and mum to 2-year old and 9-month old boys. Motherhood has been my biggest adventure and oh, how my life has changed. But I am still me. Some years ago you would have found me teetering around in high heels trying my best to look glamorous and pursuing a high-flying career. Not anymore! Now after a monumental topple off of my designer heels, here I am. I wholly believe that a good sense of humour is required from conception through to teens and beyond. If you don’t laugh, you will cry as I progress through the wonderful, challenging, often infuriating, seldom boring, constantly draining journey through motherhood. I like cooking, drinking Prosecco, fashion, travelling, socialising with friends . Most recently, jotting down my thoughts about food, life,and whatever else takes my fancy on the day. I hope you enjoy it!

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