Reflections and Resolutions

Reflections and Resolutions

I know, I know, every blogger is writing about new years’ resolutions. Although I’m not, not really anyway. I’ve never been a fan of new years’ resolutions. I’m more a ‘mid-year resolution’ kind of girl. Or a ‘I-need-to-make-change-now’ resolution. The crux of it is, I don’t believe that because it’s new year, you’ll make a resolution stick. So, I make the resolutions as I go. For example, in May 2016 I made a resolution that I would no longer iron those items that didn’t need it! You’ll be pleased to hear I stuck to it and as menial as it sounds, it makes a big difference to my workload!

So, this post is less about making resolutions and more about having a little glance in the rearview mirror and reflecting on what has happened in this last year, high-fiving ourselves for the achievements, considering things that we might have done differently and what I’m planning for 2017. So, here’s 10 things that have happened in the High Heels household in 2016…

  1. We had a beautiful baby boy. I surprised myself by wanting, and managing, to have him at home despite any prior (and ill-conceived I hasten to add) views that this might be the single most selfish act on the planet! BIG high five!
  1. I was made redundant 1 week before the arrival of beautiful baby boy mentioned above. Despite how horrible this was it did not hinder my determination and has turned out to be the most amazing career move in years! High five!
  1. I have started a blog, this blog. Which although initially conceived as a hobby, I have become extremely passionate about writing of the trials and tribulations of parenthood and how it’s changed me. Having always previously been the type to keep up pretenses of perceived perfection these days I find comfort in being able to be myself and show my weaknesses. I have been touched and continually astounded by the solidarity amongst fellow mothers, on whom I have come to rely for friendship, support, babysitting, play dates and to tell me I’m not alone when I turn up their doorsteps and burst into tears (not necessarily in that order)!
  1. I have surprised myself by deciding that although I want to continue to develop my career and grow as a lawyer that I want to do this alongside being here for my boys, including school runs, clubs, playdates. Something I never thought I would hear my self say! To that end, I now work for myself, which is exciting, liberating, terrifying, exhausting and absolutely fabulous.
  1. I have lost 11kgs and feel in the best shape I have ever been in. I am not Elle MacPherson (sadly) but I feel amazing nonetheless!
  1. Mr High Heels and I have built (not personally, you understand) our new office in our garden. This feels like a defining moment for our respective businesses and is one of the few rooms in the house that will actually be finished! Read about the High Heels’ Office Project here.
  1. Mr. High Heels and I are having a good clear out. We genuinely have so much ‘stuff’. Despite being clean and tidy people, the stuff that we have accumulated in a short space of time occupies both the whole loft and the garage. I swear it multiplies in Gremlin-like fashion when we’re not looking! The skip currently occupying our driveway is looking satisfyingly full!
  1. We have renovated our lounge. Another long-awaited joy. The joy that I have derived from creating my mood board, choosing paint, log burners, cushions, lamps is second-to-none. I love the results!
  1. Our extension plans are finally in progress and we’ll be ‘go’ by the Spring. We can’t wait!
  1. Finally, I have spent time with the children. After I had my first baby I had a 6-month holiday (it was a holiday because he was the perfect baby, he’s not such a perfect toddler!). This second time around I have had the hardest but most glorious 10 months off with my boys. I had resolved this time around to build a network of other mums, both for me and the boys, and I have well and truly achieved that through coffees, groups, play dates and football. It’s been a fabulous journey and I have met people I will remain friends with forever.

I consider it to have been a busy year. Never one to let myself get bored however, I’m planning a few things for 2017 too. Chief among them; clear out the under-stairs cupboard and clear out the ‘crap drawer’ in the kitchen. I know, what an exciting life I lead!

I have a few other new projects to keep me (and of course Mr. High Heels – I wouldn’t want him getting bored now would I?!) going through 2017, many of which I develop as I go. With the lounge now finished and the office inauguration impending it’s time to get our groove on with the extension. We’ve been saving our pennies hard and 4 years on we are almost set. I’ll be sharing moodboards, visions, and big cookers with you very soon!

Let me know what you think about setting new goals for a new year. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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