It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

Except, in the High Heels’ household it’s not. Not quite. Despite me being more excited than the children (even though they have no idea what time of year it is!), this year being the first year in the last 3 years that I’m not either a) just having given birth or b) being heavily pregnant, I am still struggling to get in the Christmas spirit. It’s not through want of trying my it is through my own doing!

In true High Heels fashion (boom, boom!) I had purchased new decorations, Christmas crackers, a new advent calendar (one which I haven’t used because it required time and 24 small toys/treats/activities…there is next year, right?!) and other festive paraphernalia in early November and I had even planned to erect the Christmas tree during the first weekend of December. And yet it’s not happened. Again, in true High Heels styley I decided in my infinite wisdom to install a log burner and redecorate the lounge, and it’s only just finished! Alas, no Christmas tree or decorations in general.

Mission for this weekend? You guessed it. Put the Christmas tree up, decorate the house. Feel Christmassy. That is whilst I entertain 10 family members for a pre-Christmas dinner (watch this space for the recipes!).

The family think I’m completely nuts. I know that when I’m not listening they all discuss how I’m always in a hurry to get things done. And as I write this, on a train on my way back from a business trip to Manchester, I almost have to agree with them. There is never a good time to do anything but somehow, I always seem to manage to have major works carried out in the house just before Christmas or other similarly large and hectic family events. I could refrain from inviting the family over (that would please Mr High Heels!) but that would be boring! Nothing like a giant-sized challenge to get one’s booty into gear! And that’s what drives me.

In my defence, I have finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped a third of it so I feel a little ahead of the game. Of course, I could have the luxury that Mr High Heels has. For Mr High Heels, Santa really does visit every year. Other than gifts for me, which by the way he does do incredibly well, the gifts for every other family member miraculously appear under the tree, beautifully wrapped and tied with ribbon, dutifully before Christmas Day. Good job our chimney is now capable of allowing Santa down it, otherwise he’d never believe it!

Mothering, cooking, building, working, planning, shopping, wrapping…I’ll make it. I’ll be knackered, but I’ll make it. I am a woman!

I’m sure I’m not alone. What challenges do you take on and what’s your motivation to get them done?

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